titan soccer program

Titans Football Club is committed to the development and progress of young athletes in Eastern Ontario.

Our goal is to teach the essential skills and instill the required work ethic that is needed for athletes to take their game to an higher level.

By providing a positive, fun, yet challenging environment, we are able to maximize the opportunities for our athletes to thrive and succeed.

We feel that our experience as high level players combined with continuous education has provided us with a unique view on how to help our athletes develop the skills and mind set needed to continually improve their performance.

We offer private training sessions to help you develop as a player.


We can help build a solid foundation of fundamentals!

Advanced skills

We can help you master technique and perform at your very best!

Trying to “make the team”?  We can prep you!

Want more playing time?  We'll help!!

Preparing for a college scholarship?  You’ve come to the right place!!!

Youth Recreational Soccer

After you complete the registration form below, your registration is PENDING until payment-in-full is received.

To complete the registration, please send an e-transfer to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 613-863-8142 to arrange another form of payment.

The password for your etransfer is the DOB of the player being registered.

The date of birth should always be Year Month Day format and 8 characters long using a zero before single digit months or days.

YearMonthDay YYYYMMDD example: 20040812

Inscription en tout temps - Registration now.

Soccer – futsal

Début de la saison– Season starts

November 4 Novembre

Jour – Day

Samedi- Saturday

Price -  Prix

99 par mois ou 199 pour 3 mois.

Start Date 2024-06-23
End Date 2030-03-28
Cut off date 2030-09-30 11:00 pm
Available 245
Individual Price Per month